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 Doctor Who Pinball sighting!

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Doctor Who Pinball sighting! Empty
PostSubject: Doctor Who Pinball sighting!   Doctor Who Pinball sighting! EmptyWed May 01, 2013 5:05 pm

I was at my Dad's today mowing the lawn and doing yard stuff before his knee replacement surgery on Monday, and we went to Harry O's for lunch. This in Cedar Lake, so anyway, as we walk in I notice a few video games on the right side, then I casually notice a pinball game, and take a second look when I read the words emblazoned on the front - Doctor Who Shocked.

I did not play a game on it as I was spending my time with my dad, and we had a great lunch, the split pea soup is Fantastic!

So, if any Whovians of a Hoosierly persuasion are going down US 41 either to WhoNA or anywhere else stop by Harry O's and drop 50 cents in for a game of Who.
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Doctor Who Pinball sighting!
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