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 8 Inch Styre Review

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PostSubject: 8 Inch Styre Review   8 Inch Styre Review EmptyThu May 10, 2012 5:10 am

Finally a new Doctor Who review!

8 Inch Styre Review 7169584584_62e11bfb0b

The Sontaran Experiment has gone horribly awry and the Doctor and his arch-nemesis from the stubborn Sontaran race have been turned into 8 inch versions of themselves! Now the only hope to restore them back to their original size and to save the universe and all of time and space, is to read this awesome review!

Or something...

Yeah, I finally got around to reviewing Styre from the BifBangPow line. Check it out if you dig frumpy space potato head aliens and their wacky cosmonaut Capris!

Infinite Hollywood: BifBangPow Sontaran Styre Review

Thanks for reading if you do and don't forget to check our archive of Doctor Who reviews as well as Mego-like toys. We have over 400 reviews in the archive, many of which fit into those two genres!
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8 Inch Styre Review
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