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 Doctor Who Cookbook (Davros Recipe Review)

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Doctor Who Cookbook (Davros Recipe Review) Empty
PostSubject: Doctor Who Cookbook (Davros Recipe Review)   Doctor Who Cookbook (Davros Recipe Review) EmptyWed Apr 20, 2011 8:27 pm

Doctor Who Cookbook (Davros Recipe Review) 5634425312_1671305ebf

Here's something I know true Whovians will enjoy. We've dug up the old Doctor Who Cookbook and decided to make a couple of recipes from it. Up first? It's Davros' most favorite desert!

Doctor Who Cookbook (Davros Recipe Review) 5634422876_86ea54581c

This recipe was created by Terry Molloy himself and believe it or not, is incredibly tasty! I know because I got to eat it! Our kitchen experts over at the Fare Necessities group helped us to put it together and we've got the recipe along with some fun photos of "how to" over at the blog. Hope you enjoy!

Infinite Hollywood: Davros Extermination Pudding
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Doctor Who Cookbook (Davros Recipe Review)
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