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PostSubject: Toy Wish List   Toy Wish List EmptyThu Apr 14, 2011 1:41 pm


1. Master (Ainley) in proper outfit - Logopolis
2. Rani - The Mark of the Rani
3. Draconian - Frontier in Space
4. Ogrons - Day of the Daleks
5. Omega - any version
6. Mandrel, from the Nightmare of Eden.
7. Dr Elizabeth Shaw- Red dress, wool coat, and boots from Silurians
8. Nyssa in gray skirt, jacket, Mawdryn Undead
9. Victoria Waterfield- Light brown lace-trimmed full-length Victorian-style dress with crinolines from Evil of the Daleks
10. Zoe- Black sparkly full-length catsuit from Mind Robber, Invasion
11. Adric, only one costume, from Full Circle
12. Tegan, Stewardess Uniform, Logopolis
13. Nyssa, fairy dress, Keeper of Trakken
14. Jamie from the Two Doctors
15. Sarah jane, red and white overall, The Hand of Fear
16. Romana II, purple coat and scarf, Destiny of the Daleks
17. Leela, savage skins, Face of Evil
18. Bridgaier, UNIT uniform, Inferno
19. Nyssa in Burgundy velvet jacket top & trousers from episode Castrovalva - Arc of Infinity
20. Romana II in Pink Doctor-Like Outfit from episode Destiny of the Daleks
21. Fendahleen from Image of the Fendahl, 4th Doctor Era
22. Soldeed from Horns of Nimon, 4th Doctor Era (be nice if this were a talking figure)
23. Nimons, from Horns of Nimon, 4th Doctor Era (enough for an invasion)
24. Silurian, Naked from Doctor Who and the Silurians!
25. Draconian in warrior robes or Emperor robes in episode, Frontier in Space.
26. Mandrel, from the Nightmare of Eden.
27. Dr Elizabeth Shaw- Red dress, wool coat, and boots from the Silurians
28. Romana 1- Dark purple jacket with purple satin panels, dark purple skirt & boots from Androids of Tara.
29. Victoria Waterfield- Light brown lace-trimmed full-length Victorian-style dress with crinolines from Evil of the Daleks
30. Tetrap
31. Tegan, Stewardess Uniform, Logopolis
32. Nyssa, fairy dress, Keeper of Trakken
33. Jamie, kilt and jacket, The Mind Robber
34. Biroc (Tharil) Warriors' Gate
35. Romana II, purple coat and scarf, Destiny of the Daleks
36. Doctor, in Inverness cape & deerstalker cap, from Talons of Weng-Chiang
37. Bridgaier, UNIT uniform, Inferno
38. Time Lord Chancellory Guard, with helmet and pistol, from The Invasion of Time
39. The Meddling Monk in monk habit from The Time Meddler
40. Omega in helmet/mask from The Three Doctors
41. 2nd Doctor in Yeti Coat from The Five Doctors
42. The Kandyman, marzipan and fondant, from The Happiness Patrol
43. Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart, dress uniform and cap, The Three Doctors
44. Sutekh in black helm with red trim from Pyramids of Mars
45. Romana II in Pink Doctor costume from Destiny of the Daleks
46. Ace in flight jacket with bat from Remembrance of the Daleks
47. 7th Doctor, serious expression cream jacket and hat, Remembrance of the Daleks
48. Leela in skins from Invasion of Time
49. Jamie McCrimmon in sheepskin vest, black sweater and kilt from The Mind Robber
50. Zoe in sexy catsuit from The Mind Robber
51. Silurian - The Silurians
52. Zoe - mini dress from the Krotons
53. Nyssa- Burgundy velvet jacket top & trousers Castrovalva - Arc of Infinity
54. Romana II - Pink Doctor costume from Destiny of the Daleks
55. Ainley Master in his Logopolis/traditional outfit.
56. Krotons
57. Mechanoids
58. Wirren
59. Terileptils and Android box
60. Sea Devils and Silurians from Warriors of the Deep era
61. Possessed Tegan from Snakedance
62. The Rani - from Mark of the Rani episode
63. The White and Black Guardians - Enlightenment
64. Ice Lord - Curse or Monster of Peladon
65. CyberController - Attack of the Cybermen
66. Kalid from Time-Flight
67. Count Scarlioni from City of Death
68. 5th Doctor in Black Orchid costume
69. Happy to see you Tythonian from Creature from the Pit
70. Valeyard from Trial of the Timelord
71. Mel - Pink Outfit - Time and Rani
72. Ambassador in Space Suit from The Ambassadors of Death
73. Pertwee TARDIS - with that lighter blue colour
74. Pertwee - Yellow Bessie
75. Davison TARDIS - Darker Blue
76. C Baker TARDIS
77. Doctor Who Lighthouse Playset with Rutan, Keeper, etc from "Horror of Fang Rock."
78. Nestene as depicted on the Target cover of Terror of the Autons
79. Mel from Time of the Rani
80. Mel from Paradise Towers
81. 1st Doctor with hat, core of the Time Disruptor and Mavic Chen - The Daleks Master Plan
82. Susan and DIOE Drone - Dalek Invasion of Earth
83. Ian and Zarbi - The Web Planet
84. Barbara and Menoptra with detacheable wings - The Web Planet
85. 1st Doctor's Tardis Console and 2nd Doctor Regeneration Figure - Tenth Planet
86. 1st Doctor Adventure Set: Katarina, Dodo, Steven, Mechanoid, Chase Drone, 1st Doctor no jacket - various (The Daleks Master Plan, The Celestial Toymaker and The Chase)
87. Early Daleks Set: Sentry Dalek, Pyroflame Dalek, Dalek with perceptor, Dalek with Sensor Arm, TD re-release Dalek Drone - The Daleks, The Chase, The Daleks Master Plan
88. Power of the Daleks CS: Unnarmed Dalek, Dalek with Mutant Scoop, 2nd Doctor with Hat and Cloak with recorder and diary, Ben and Cardboard Cut out Dalek ;-) - Power of the Daleks
89. 2nd Doctor's Tardis Console: with mirror (hartnells face on it) accessory and Polly - Power of the Daleks
90. Moonbase Cyberman 2 pack with laser cannon - The Moonbase
91. Chamelion and 2nd Doctor - The Faceless Ones
92. 2nd Doctor's Tardis with incorrect notice and Yeti - The Abominable Snowmen
93. 2nd Doctor's Tardis with correct notice and Jacketless 2nd Doctor - Wheel in Space
94. Jamie and WOF Yeti with Web Gun - Web of Fear
95. Victoria and Emperor Dalek Guard - Evil of the Daleks
96. Emperor Dalek and Evil Drone - Evil of the Daleks
97. White Robot and Zoe - The Mind Robber
98. Wheel Cyberman and Zoe - Wheel in Space
99. Colonel Stewart, Unit Soldier and WOF Yeti with Web Gun and removeable control sphere - Web of Fear
100. The War Chief, The War Lord and SIDRAT - The War Games
101. 3rd Doctor's Tardis with Liz Shaw - Spearhead from Space
102. 3rd Doctor's Tardis Console with Jo Grant - Inferno
103. 3rd Doctor and Auton - Spearhead from Space
104. Delgado Master and Tardis - The Time Monster
105. Delgado Master and Auton - Terror of the Autons
106. Bok and The Brig - The Daemons
107. 3rd Doctor with Spiridon Cloak and Dalek Drone - Planet of the Daleks
108. SJS and Spider - Planet of the Spiders
109. Jo grant and Mutt - The Mutants
110. Sontaran Ship with proper interior and Linx with arrow in his probic vent - The Time Warrior
111. Bessie (roof down) and 3rd Doctor with new sculpt Giant maggots - The Green Death
112. Ice Lord and ice Warrior with Gun - Curse of Peladon
113. Ice Lord and Ice Warrior - Monster of Peladon
114. The Master (Ainley) in Black Pants/Black Tunic with puffy sleeves, gold design on color/TCE - Castrovalva
115. 4th Doctor with correct costume and transmat spheres - The Sontaran Experiment
116. 4th Doctor's Tardis Console: SJS and Harry - Robot
117. 4th Doctor and Revenge Cyberman with Bombs and Control Device - Revenge of the Cybermen
118. Krynoid and Seed Pods - The Seeds of Doom
119. Eldrad Two Pack - The Hand of Fear
120. Leela and Rutan - Horror of Fang Rock
121. Sontaran and Storr - The Invasion of Time
122. Scaroth and Romana 2 - City of Death
123. Shada 4th Doctor - Shada
124. The Master and Corinthian Pillar Tardis - Logopolis
125. Nyssa and Melkur - The Keeper of Traken
126. Tegan and the Master - Logopolis
127. Earthshock Cyber leader and Adric - Earthshock
128. Omega - Arc of Infinite
129. Yeti, Dalek, Brig, 1st Doctor (Hurndall), 2nd Doctor, 3rd Doctor, 4th Doctor, 5th Doctor, The Master, raston robot, Destroyed Cyberman - 5 Doctors
130. Armoured Sea Devil and Silurian - Warriors from the Deep
131. Peri and the Master (proper suit) - Planet of Fire
132. Sharaz jek with alternate head and android - Caves of Androzani
133. Rretooled 6th Doctor regeneration - The Twin Dilemma
134. Attack Cyberman, Correct Stealth Cyberman and Cyber Leader - Attack of the Cybermen
135. Cyber Controller and Peri - Attack of the Cybermen
136. Jamie and 2nd Doctor - The Two Doctors
137. Sontaran Twin pack with weapons - The Two Doctors
138. The Valeyard with 6th Doctor - The Mysterious Planet
139. The Rani - Mark of the Rani
140. The Rani and the Master - Time and the Rani
141. Regeneration 7th Doctor and Mel - Time and the Rani
142. Silver Nemesis damaged cyber leader - Silver Nemesis
143. Destroyed Imperial Dalek - Remembrance of the Daleks
144. 7th Doctor (hatted serious) and Emperor davros - Remembrance of the Daleks
145. Haemoveres 2 pack - Curse of Fenric
146. Cheetah Person and The Master - Survival
147. The Master (Ainley) in Black Pants/Black Tunic with puffy sleeves, gold design on color/TCE - Castrovalva
148. Tegan in black skirt, print top, Resurrection of the Daleks
149. Sarah Jane, denim jeans, corset/vest, plaid top, Planet of Evil

8th Doctor - TV MOVIE
1. Master - in Time Lord robes
2. Grace - Her main outfit
3. Seventh Doctor in TVM outfit
4. Chang Lee in regular look
5. TVM Version TARDIS with McCoy in TVM costume
6. 8th Doctor Jacketless and Grace Holloway - The Movie
7. The Master (Eric Roberts) in Leather Jacket/Sunglasses/Slicked Back Head

9th Doctor - New Series 1
1. Rose (in a neutral pose) - Rose
2. Emperor Dalek - The Parting of the Ways
3. Emperor's Guard Dalek with sensor/weapon arm - The Parting of the Ways
4. Van Staten - Dalek
5. Jack Harkness - Black vest - The Parting of the Ways
6. 9th Doctor in Victorian gear from the illustration in Rose
7. Harriet Jones
8. Auton Bride and Auton Child - Rose
9. Jackie Tyler and Mickey Smith - Rose
10. End of the World Set: Mr and Mrs Pakoo, The Host, Blue Slave and Rose (new sculpt) - The End of the World
11. Charles Dickens and Rose in new costume - The Unquiet Dead
12. 9th Doctor with Blue jumper and Harriet Jones - Aliens of London/World War Three
Damaged Dalek - Dalek
13. Dalek Mutant Reveal (Proper Hinged Sculpt) and Ninth Doctor with Gun - Dalek
14. The Jagrafess Playset with unarticulated people at the computers and a resculpted editor - The Long Game
15. Imperial Guard Dalek with Assault Arm, Imperial Guard Dalek with Sucker Arm x 2, Imperial Guard Dalek with Sensor Arm - Parting of the Ways
16. The Senior short bus Playset with Minnie the Menace from the End of Time

10th Doctor - New Series 2 - 4 and Specials
1. Madame Pompadour in elaborate gown as seen in "Girl in the Fireplace", Season Two of New Series.
3. River Song in White Jacket, belt, tan pants from episode The Big Bang, Series 5.
4. Wilfred "Wilf" Mott in Grey Jacket, Blue Sweater, White collar, grey pants. Red knit cap optional. From The Specials - The End of Time
5. Pete Tyler (Pete's world version) - Doomsday
6. Tenth Doctor - Tooth and Claw outfit
7. John Lumic - Rise of the Cybermen
8. Tenth Doctor in Tux - The Lazarus Experiment - 3rd Series
9. The Master in overcoat and gloves (John Simm) - The Sound of Drums - 3rd Series
10. Rose - Journey's End - Series 4
11. Mickey - Journey's End - Series 4
12. Jackie - Journey's End - Series 4
13. Insane Dalek Caan - Journey's End - Series 4
14. UNIT Soldiers - The Sontaran Stratagem - Series 4
15. Jenny in combat gear - The Doctor's Daughter - Series 4
16. Donna in brown leather jacket - Journey's End - Series 4
17. Wilfred "Wilf" Mott in Grey Jacket, Blue Sweater, White collar, grey pants. Red knit cap optional - The End of Time - The Specials
18. Jackson Lake in main outfit - The Next Doctor - The Specials
19. Cybershades - Cybershades - The Specials
20. 10th Doctor in Tuxedo
21. Lady Christina de Souza in The Specials
22. Malcolm Taylor in The Specials
23. Rosita from The Specials
24. Lake from The Specials
25. Martha's Mom
26. Mercy Hartigan, red dress, The Next Doctor
27. Infected Person and 10th Doctor in Trenchcoat (new headsculpt, bicep swivel and brown suit) - New Earth
28. Rose (dungarees) and 10th Doctor with Glasses (new headsculpt, bicep swivel and brown suit with crystal accessory) - Tooth and Claw
29. Krillitane Headmaster (Human Form) and K9 - School Reunion
30. John Lumic in wheelchair and Cyber Leader (gun on arm) - Rise of the Cybermen
31. Abzorballof with cane, slab with Ursula's face in it and Elton Pope - Love and Monsters
32. Ghost Cyberman, Ghost Cyber Leader and Rose Tyler in Lab Coat - Army of Ghosts
33. 10th Doctor with sonic screwdriver (New headsculpt, bicep swivel and brown suit), Pete Tyler with Gun and Cyberman with Gun (resculpted hands and extended shoulder articulation) - Doomsday
34. Donna Noble in Wedding Dress - The Runaway Bride
35. Martha Jones (Medical Clothing) and 10th Doctor with Glasses (new headsculpt, bicep swivel and blue suit) - Smith and Jones
36. William Shakespeare and both Carrionite Mothers (doomfinger and the other one...) - The Shakespeare Code)
37. Dalek Sec Mutant Reveal and Mr Diagoras - Daleks in Manhattan
38. Dalek Sec Reveal with removeable Dalek Sec Hybrid insert and Dalek with syringe arm - Daleks in Manhattan
39. Deluxe Lazarus Monster and Proffesor Lazarus - The Lazarus Experiment
40. Genetic manipulation Device and Tish Jones - The Lazarus Experiment
41. Sun Possessed Tenth Doctor in Spacesuit with alternate normal head - 42
42. Family of Blood: The Family and Beige Scarecrow and Cross - Human Nature
43. Sally Sparrow and Complete Resculpt Weeping Angel - Blink
44. Martha Jones and 10th Doctor with Bow and Arrows - Blink
45. Lucy Saxon and Rejuvenating 10th Doctor - Last of the Timelords

11th Doctor - Series 5 onwards
1. Rory in Guard outfit from The Big Bang
2. Rory in Roman outfit from The Pandorica Opens
3. 11th Doctor, Glowing 11th doctor in 11th Hour
4. Female Prisoner Zero in episode 11th Hour
5. Amelia Pond as a kid in 11th hour
6. Amy Pond in Wedding outfit in episode, The Big Bang
7. 11th Doctor in wedding tuxedo in episode, The Big Bang
8. 11th Doctor in football outfit from episode, The Lodger
9. Rory Williams from TARDIS scenes - Amy's Choice
10. The Dream Lord in Mock Dr look - Amy's Choice
11. River Song in "Han Solo" outfit - The Big Bang
12. The Doctor from the roof top of The Eleventh Hour with ties over his shoulder and braces down - The Eleventh Hour
13. Amelia Pond - The Big Bang
14. Rory Williams, bachelor party shirt and jeans, Vampires of Venice Series 5

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