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 EIDOS: Doctor Who Video Game(s)

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PostSubject: EIDOS: Doctor Who Video Game(s)   EIDOS: Doctor Who Video Game(s) EmptySun May 18, 2008 8:29 am

Top Trumps: Dr. Who (2008)

Okay, not really my type of game, it's a lot like Pokemon or maybe the Magic game. However you describe the card battle games, they are all souped up versions of one of the first games I learned to play with a deck of playing cards...WAR. Essentialy, the holder of the best final card played wins. Yes battle card games have stats for stamina and blah blah blah, but it's still the same result. Best card wins. That to me is just a matter of luck and having money to buy every damn card they make. With all that said, this is not what I was hoping for in a Doctor Who VIDEO GAME. The Top Trumps game has been around for a long time, and enjoyed by many, but a virtual version is a waste of coding time. The graphics are more than subpar from today's standards, even for EIDOS standards.

There is some hope for a Doctor WHO actual game though. EIDOS has licensing with BBC for more than just this game. They are supposedly working on more possible game types, and using more than just the current Doctor. There is a whole Whoniverse of content to draw from, early Doctor episodes, fan fiction, Big Finish books and audio plays, etc.

How great would it be to play a game with the option to unlock a companion or a different Doctor to adventure with. Each Doctor has his own little quirks, as does each companion. How cool would it be to to play through a story like Fires of Pompeii and pick Doctor 5 and Sarah Jane to go through it, or Doctor 2 and Tegan? Of course the ultimate would be one that dealt with the Time War, but since we can't get that story on the show, little chance for it in game form. With all the possible games and game types, let's hope that whatever comes out next, EIDOS will not let it go as badly as they did their final games with poor Lara Croft.
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EIDOS: Doctor Who Video Game(s) Empty
PostSubject: Re: EIDOS: Doctor Who Video Game(s)   EIDOS: Doctor Who Video Game(s) EmptySun May 18, 2008 9:59 am

I think the Doctor Who Top Trumps game is a bit silly since the cards are out. Hopefully we'll get a RPG in the near future.
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EIDOS: Doctor Who Video Game(s)
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