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 The Doctor Vs Sherlock

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PostSubject: The Doctor Vs Sherlock   The Doctor Vs Sherlock EmptyFri Jul 17, 2015 5:26 pm

So recently my sister thought it would be a great idea to show me a picture with one terrifying question on it:

“The Doctor and Sherlock
Knock on your door
The Doctor asks you to be
his companion.
Sherlock asks you to be
his blogger.
Who do you choose?” confused confused

The fangirl side of me says: "How  am I supposed to choose from two of the coolest people ever????"

Then a different side of me waves its hand inside my head. "Hello, I am still here, the critical side of you."

"What? how did you get here?" asks the fangirl side.

"I've been here all along." answers the critical side. "Let me just point out a few things... to help you make your horribly hard decision...

3 reasons why the Doctor and Sherlock would make horrible friends:

The Doctor, give me loyalty or give me death! It is pretty evident in “The Impossible Astronaut” that the Doctor has some trust issues. He questions both River and Amy (oh and Rory too) on why he should trust them after they won’t tell them whose orders they are going by, only giving in when Amy swears on “Fish sticks and Custard”.  I found this really quite ironic. The Doctor asks his companions for nothing less than their complete and undeniable trust with their lives almost every episode. “Trust me I’m the Doctor” seems a funny thing for a man with trust issues to say when he first meets people. It’s a good thing to consider before you decided to run away with him…

Sherlock is “Too” Loyal: Sherlock may think he doesn’t care about “friends” but he basically went into hiding for two years to keep his safe. Sure, if you told him that he would scoff at your face and say he just needed to catch all of Moriarty’s pals. Yet series three gives just more proof to my point. Sherlock shoots (and kills) a dude because he made threats to Watson. You could argue that the guy was a disgusting waist of humanity, but still, he never actually did anything to Watson, other than threaten. Just saying…..

A Pacifist Who Starts Wars: This seems to be the Doctors biggest flaw really and is actually pointed out to him in “A Good Man Goes to War”. I am not sure if this is for all the Doctors, but the 10th doctor HATES guns, loathes them. The Eleventh also uses his sonic instead of a weapon. He runs around, a mad man in a box, and uses his wits and sonic screwdriver to defeat his enemy’s. This is great and all, but just because he doesn’t use machine guns doesn’t mean nobody gets hurt. His enemy’s defiantly suffer. His intentions are good, but no one can call him a true "pacifist."

A Detective with a Criminal Record: Actually I think this might be worse lol!
Random Citizen Dialogue: “I need to hire a detective, let’s see, should I choose inspector Lastraude? Or the scary addict whom shot someone last week???” This isn’t so good for his public image (not that he cares, but you might if you run off with him and can’t afford lunch).

The Doctor is off his Rocker: he says it himself: “Amy Pond, there's something you better understand about me, 'cause it's important and one day your life may depend on it. I am definitely a madman with a box.”

     Sherlock is mentally unstable: and I quote:
     Sherlock Holmes: [mumbles] Bored.
      Dr. John Watson: What?
     Sherlock Holmes: Bored!
     Dr. John Watson: [seeing Sherlock raise the gun again] No...
    Sherlock Holmes: Bored! Bored! I don't know what's got into the criminal classes. Good job I'm not one of them.
    Dr. John Watson: So you take it out on the wall?
    Sherlock Holmes: Ah, the wall had it coming.

(fan-girl side) Shocked Shocked Shocked

Critical side: this is my only advice to you. If Sherlock and the Doctor show up at your doorstep- RUN.
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The Doctor Vs Sherlock
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