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 TARDIS Collectible Figurine (Review)

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TARDIS Collectible Figurine (Review) Empty
PostSubject: TARDIS Collectible Figurine (Review)   TARDIS Collectible Figurine (Review) EmptyWed May 13, 2015 12:04 pm

A "cute" addition for one's collection which can be innocuously displayed upon one's desk at work. From the bottom of the plinth to the top of the lantern, the miniature stands exactly 3 inches. If we accept the notion the NuWho police box props stand 10 feet tall, then this can be considered 1/40th scale (120 inches divided by 3).

Compared to the equally priced K-9, however, one might argue it's lacking "features". Yes, it illuminates, and the box art depicts both the lamp and the windows glowing (though it's obvious it's not a photo of the toy itself). Alas, only the lamp glows; the windows are white paint coating the blue plastic. This would have been okay if the LED mounted for the lamp "pulsed", but it just steadily glows when switched on. In theory, the steady glowing "bright white" LED wired for the lamp could have also supplied light for "frosted" (or even just white) plastic inserts. The K-9 mini, on the other hand, presents a glowing "eye grille" and recites "Affirmitive, Master" when one presses the "control panel" upon its back.

Then again, nothing suggests the 2005 styled Dalek in this same line does anything more than "roll" upon tiny wheels for the same price. So in that regard, the TARDIS has more features.

So, if you want a tiny TARDIS you can "sneak" into work, then this miniature is a viable alternative.


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TARDIS Collectible Figurine (Review)
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