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 TARDIS Playset Review

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PostSubject: TARDIS Playset Review   Thu Feb 08, 2007 8:20 pm

Wow! WHat can I say? This baby is massive! I thought it'd be a massive undertaking to assemble once I saw all the pieces, but everything went together quickly and fairly easily - there's no screws or anything, so all the pieces just snap together. In fact, the most difficult part of the assembly was simply getting all the pieces out of the box - which includes more twisty ties than the total electrical grid wiring of a small third world nation. But once I had everything out and sorted I managed to get it all together in well under a half hour.

The set itself is huge, highly detailed and fun! I really wish they would have had these toys when I was little as I would have played my heart out with them! :-) But as an adult fan of the show, it's still a very satisfying collector's item - the only obstacle I now face is locating a place to display/store it.

Pictures to follow soon (if anyone has any particular requests let me know and I'll be happy to oblige!). :-)

Some random notes:

The "Police Box" portion of the playset has some nifty details, including a "backwards" sticker for the "Police Public Call Box" for the inside of the doors, just like on tv. That's a pretty cool detail! The inner doors also have what looks like simulated leatherbolted onto the door frame for a padded effect. Very cool! Also, my hat stand is beige instead of white. Mine was sort of cramped in the baggie and one of the hangers was broken off. Not a big deal, but slightly saddened by it - but really not a big deal to me - I was more upset to find it wasn't white! :-)

And now pics!

A Tale of Two TARDISes. Or is that TARDISI? :-)

The Police Box doors open on the playset Police Box versus the MoneyBank PoliceBox.

For those who collect Buffy figs, a pic to give you a sense of how big this baby is!

My figures on board! :-)

The 9th Doc edging toward the precarious chasm. Oh wait, that was a space station in End of the World. Oh well, it still looks cool - now we just need a Jabe figure! :-)

A photo facing backs towards the door.

Attack of the Krillitanes!

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PostSubject: Re: TARDIS Playset Review   Wed Feb 21, 2007 8:18 pm

The TARDIS playset is an impressive toy. I got mine the first time WHONA had them and it's worth every penny.
I worked for Toys R Us for ten years and saw all kinds of different and good toys but this is definetly one of the best. By being a fan of the show hasn't biased what I think
of this toy.

It is a pain to unpack but it's easy to assemble and fun to "play" with. The lights and sound are cool in a dark room. I had to make sure I put the batteries in right didn't I?

Nice to see Buffy paying a visit to the TARDIS. Mine's been
visited by Buffy also along with Harry Potter, Einstein, Tarzan, Sherlock Holmes and Bilbo Bagins.

Again, the TARDIS playset is great and I would say a must for anyone collecting the CO action figures.
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TARDIS Playset Review
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