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 Have Your Doctor Who Toys Soared In Value?

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PostSubject: Have Your Doctor Who Toys Soared In Value?   Wed Jul 03, 2013 12:33 pm

Have Your Doctor Who Toys Soared In Value?
By Meredith Burdett, July 2, 2013

How many of you reading this article is sitting on a personal goldmine? Before you scoff, try not to, as you may very well be doing just that.

We learn this week in a Telegraph article that certain toys and collectibles from not so long ago are now retailing in the collectible market for very tidy sums of money indeed. We dont even have to go back that far, if you have toys or collectibles from the 1960s, 1970s or even 1980s, you might want to have them valued as they could be worth a lot more than you think.

According to the research that comes from Zurich:

The average value of items stored in lofts is 584.00.
And thats not just Doctor Who collectibles; were talking about Action Man figures, Barbie dolls, Star Wars and even Lord of the Rings toys could be appreciating value in your house as you read this.

However, the rules have to be obeyed as John Ennals, owner of website, explained:

I get calls from people saying they have extensive collections they bought in the Nineties. I have to tell them they are worth a fraction of what they paid for them: it is the fact that toys could have been played with, lost or damaged that makes them valuable.

So perhaps youve got a Dalek or a TARDIS or a Seventh Doctor figure that you used to create your own stories with and have been gathering dust on a shelf for the last 20 years. If so, you might want to take another look at it and see if its worth anything, it could just be your ticket for an extra holiday this year!

Tinplate HMS Terrible made by Marklin in 1905 sold for 76,000 last year probably the most expensive toy ever sold in the UK
Prototype of GI Joe made in 1963 sold for $200,000 10 years ago
A Barbie doll with a diamond necklace sold for $302,500 in 2010
A Steiff teddy bear dressed by Louis Vuitton sold for $195,000 in 2000

Original (Seventies/Eighties) Star Wars figures
Dapol and Denys Fisher Dr Who characters from the Seventies
Handheld electronic games from the Eighties
Toys given away by fast-food outlets
Thunderbirds puppets from the Sixties or early Seventies
Original Barbie and Action Man costumes
Hornby trains
Dinky cars and other die-cast models
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PostSubject: Re: Have Your Doctor Who Toys Soared In Value?   Wed Sep 04, 2013 7:58 pm

Well I have nearly 98% of all Forbidden Planet releases, an attic full of 2005 onwards toys and a wardrobe full of over 90+ signed prints photos, Two Denys Fisher Tardis's, Three boxed Denys fisher Tom Baker Dolls plus one un boxed, Two Denys Fisher K9's boxed in varying cond, 1964 Marx Dalek boxed, 1980 recalled from shops GAF Tom Baker View Master boxed, multiple signed Tom Baker Forbidden Planet exclusive figures, Three Time Crash UK 100 sets and 1 Time crash toy fair 12 set, 2 US Comic Con Time Crash no' sets, and more. Smile
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Have Your Doctor Who Toys Soared In Value?
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