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 12" Cyberman w/ gun arm - Photos & Review

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PostSubject: 12" Cyberman w/ gun arm - Photos & Review   Wed Feb 07, 2007 4:08 pm

Thought I'd do a quick photo shoot/mini review to set the pace for this section.

Purchased the 12" cyberman through WhoNA. Arrived 2 days later in great condition.

For those of you who don't collect the 12" line - this thing is HUGE!

I'm not the best writer, so I'll try to keep things simple and let the pictures speak for themselves.


Plenty of detail. The Cyberman suits are fairly smooth and simple anyway, but CO has done a great job in catching the subtle lines and nuances on the suit.

Screw holes on the back have been plugged (see pic). The plugs match the paint, depth and angle of the surrounding area perfectly.

Though they could have skimped and just produced the pices from solid grey plastic, the entire piece has a very subtle paint job that give the armor a very nice depth.

Rather than using plastic molds for everything, the non armored areas of the figure (joints mostly) have been covered with a grey textured fabric. This covers ugly joints and matches the TV show suit remarkably well.

Because of the fabric body-suit, the armor is attached in (non removable - sorry) pieces, just like the suits on the show.

It has a nice weight to it. The figure does not feel hollow or inappropriately "plasticy".

Stands up great all on its own.


The screw plugs are a fantastic alternative to leaving huge deep holes, but it does result in a number of odd rings being visible on the Cyberman's back. (see pic)

The fabric covering on the joints looks great but it does limit how far the arms and legs can move. Cybermen probably don't give out high-fives anyway. This pic shows how high the arms can go before the bind up.

There are a few lines of copyright information stamped right on his rear end by the BBC. It isn't that bad, but it does annoy the heck out of me.

The head feels a little loose on mine. It doesn't affect posibility at all, but the tension is much looser than the rest of the joints.

The paint job can scratch, showing the daarker grey plastic behind it, but the colors match well enough to not be a serious issue (unlike some toys).

I don't usually collect 12" figures (too much like dolls for my taste), but this is a definite exception. This is a great addition to any collection, whether you collect the line or not, and is one of the cheapest of the 12" line.

Hope you guys enjoy the pics! Let me know if you have any questions.
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PostSubject: Re: 12" Cyberman w/ gun arm - Photos & Review   Sat Mar 03, 2007 3:28 am

Thanks for the review and pics! He looks great. I try not to collect too many 12" scale figures (c'mon, we all know they're really dolls!) as I have several and am trying to cut back on my toy buying. But I might have to pick one up, along with the 12" Doctor in his normal suit. They would look great fighting with my 12" Buffy, Spike, and Drusilla, and the few Star Wars dolls I want to keep. Plus I have several Barbies. I think that was a missing Doctor Who episode: Planet of the Barbies. Very Happy

Does the chest panel come off? What kind of articulation does he have? (Bicep swivel, ball & socket hips, etc.)
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PostSubject: Re: 12" Cyberman w/ gun arm - Photos & Review   Sat Mar 03, 2007 4:39 pm

Thanks for the review CJ!

As a longtime collector of 5" size figures, I can undertstand why people might not want to add the larger size figures to their collections.

That being said, I find the 12" Dr. Who figures superior to the smaller 5" range. The detail on the figures is quite nice; a good example is the Clockwork Man...there's just no comparison to the smaller size. Probably the only exception to this line is the 12" Doctor, as he was one of the first releases, and the sculpt could have been better...something that should be corrected when the new version comes out.

Anyone on the fence about getting the 12" figures will not be disappointed!
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12" Cyberman w/ gun arm - Photos & Review
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