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 Doctor Who Im Bored Trivia

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PostSubject: Doctor Who Im Bored Trivia   Thu May 24, 2012 6:02 pm

Rule Once answering you must add a Question or Questions

The Tenth Doctor in an Episode in Season 2 used the Name of a Former Companion of one of his past selves as a part of a disguise. 3 Words

_ _ _ _ _ /_ _ _ _ _ _ /_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _.

Amy Ponds Dad Shared something with a character from Willy Wonka And the Chocolate Factory
What was shared?

The Actor Anthony Stewart Head from School reunion was a librarian in another Series. Name the Character and the show

Answers under the Spoiler, Be Honest if you needed the spoiler let us know:)
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PostSubject: Re: Doctor Who Im Bored Trivia   Thu May 24, 2012 10:56 pm

Good trivia questions!!!

Could not remember the middle name of #1 and had no idea about #2!
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Doctor Who Im Bored Trivia
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