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 Let's Do Diaries.

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PostSubject: Let's Do Diaries.    Sat Sep 24, 2011 3:14 am

According to River Song, the Doctor and her meet "Front to Back". Analysis the position of her diary with respect to their meetings.

In the "Time of Angles", a "Bio-Meadows" meeting was positioned in the first half(?) of River Song's journal. The "Weeping Angles", time wise, indicates the Doctor was less than 908. In the "Impossible Astronaut", "Jim the Fish" was positioned in the middle(?} of River Song's journal. This indicates the Doctor was between 908 and 1103. The age information was part of the picnic dialog.

Notice the problem: the Doctor should be older than 1103 when the "Bio-Meadows" meeting took place. A "younger" River Song means an "older" Doctor. Question

Explanation 1 - Rule One: River Song lies.

Explanation 2 - Time is being unwritten. The Doctor is the one who is unwriting time. When one gets pass the sonic screw driver misshape, in the "Silence in the Library", and recall River Song's monolog "... if the Doctor for one moment accepts his fate. ..."; one can reason the Doctor is trying his best to prevent his premature death. I happen to notice a "funny" facial expression on River Song's face. One has to recall the Renee/Rose dialog, in the "Girl in the Fireplace", when they were discussing the Doctor and Monsters. Rose said one of those phrase in which you have to grow up in its time frame to get. Rose said "Tell me about it". Renee then had one of those "what are you talking about child, I just told you", face on her. When they were in the booth the Doctor was telling them "he was running all of his life. ... I want you all there tonight". Amy said something as to how can we help(?). River Song had one of those faces of "shock and horror" affraid and Rory look at River (an inaudible que?) not at the Doctor. I think it dawned on River that the Doctor's death was suppose to happen much latter. After all she killed him and then went back into his time stream to run with him.

Explanation 3 - They did not finish with their diary synch.

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Let's Do Diaries.
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