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 Weird dream...

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PostSubject: Weird dream...   Wed Aug 04, 2010 8:54 am

I don't normally recall having dreams about "Doctor Who", but some elements of such a scenario remain with me after a woke this morning.

In short my fevered brain conjured a version of the Doctor who dressed much like McGann, even to the hair, but had the "girth" of the "Kingpin" (a criminal "Godfather" like character) as illustrated in Marvel Comics in the 1970s. Yeah, he had the exaggerated proportions like the late John Buscema used to draw (massive, Hulk-like hands, squat, elephantine legs, etc.), but the "texturing" of his skin and clothing was "photo-realistic".

And while most of the "narrative" details are now a blur, I remember his commenting upon a former companion (one who usually stayed earthbound, much like the Brigadier). Before his latest regeneration, the "rotound" Doctor enjoyed the human's company, but since his regeneration, the Doctor found the man an irritant.

I just thought some of you might get the odd chuckle or two from this bizarre REM cycle.


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Weird dream...
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