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 iron man 2 mini review...spoilers!

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PostSubject: iron man 2 mini review...spoilers!   Tue May 04, 2010 5:06 pm

i just watched iron man 2 (beware spoilers!!) and like a lot sequels it's not as good as the first. the acting was pretty good, the special effects were great, the action sequences were tight and more intricate then in the first, but the story just really lacked.
the humour aspect was overdone at times, especially with sam rockwell's character. rourke looked bored in his villain role. on the plus side robert downey jr. was great again as tony stark and i liked don cheadle as rhodey. the highlight of the film was tony and rhodes battling it out in 2 in iron suits after tony got drunk in his suit at his b-day party and rhodey "borrows" the mark 2 suit.
but that also means the climax of the film wasn't a highlight, at least for me. the big surprise at the end was kinda cool i guess and the action was well done but even though everyone was in "peril" you never truly felt that, and doesn't help when everyone is cracking jokes minutes after the bad guy bites it.
it started off well with some serious issues being brought up like the fact that the arc reactor is actually killing tony stark slowly but then it gets too cartoonie. it's worth watching for sure but don't expect the same feelings you got from the first one.
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iron man 2 mini review...spoilers!
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