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 New Doctor Who quiz/ search thing

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PostSubject: New Doctor Who quiz/ search thing   Fri Nov 20, 2009 4:23 pm

Can you find all these common (or not unheard of) items being used in Doctor Who episodes as other things. Some appear more than once or are part of a recurring item, so give at least one episode for each.
Moon boots, ex Military boots, rain boots, Doc Martins.
Lava Lamps
Television Remote Control
Hose spray nozzle
cricket equipment
microphone heads
a ping pong ball
tinsel and foil
paper plates
a pan
glow sticks
pom pom and foam circles
a camera's flash
a bicycle pump
a sextant
an X box controller
a Woolworths brand child's model submarine
an Action man brand Tank
Marx band toy Daleks
scuba flippers, mask
construction helmets
calculators sink plughole
a bible
spray cream cans
bicycle reflector disks
vacuum cleaner hoses
practice golf balls
mini indicator lights, Christmas lights
Sink plunger
plastic pill packages (photograph, blown up, printed out....)
pre schoolers walkie talkie toy
bubble wrap
soap suds, shaving cream
diving suits
water cooler tanks
milk crates
skiing mask
Bonus Questions:
Can You find the following:
reeling tape being used in a future setting?
Sequined fabric?
Colour coded jump suits?
Ridiculous hats?
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New Doctor Who quiz/ search thing
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