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 Doctor Who: The Forgotten

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PostSubject: Doctor Who: The Forgotten   Mon 14 Jul 2008 - 13:06

Guys, I just had the opportunity to read the first issue of The Forgotten, the new comic book mini-series coming soon from IDW and let me tell you... we are in for a treat!

Obviously, I can't say much but this story is pure fun from start to finish! We've all seen the preview pages of the Doctor and Martha in the museum and the great picture of him looking at an exhibit dedicated to himself. We get to see more of it (and more to come in future issues it seems, and there are some really cool touches. There are some affectionate digs at the past, but nothing disrespectful and nothing too 4th-wall breaking.

My mind reels at who the main villain of the piece might be. There seems an obvious answer... and maybe it is and maybe it isn't... but it's going to be a fun ride. But beyond all the fun little touches for Who historians, there's an interesting story at work which is important.

In some ways, I think this could have functioned as a nice Anniversary celebration, or certainly a good intro to new readers for new tales of old Doctors. It's just great to see some of these characters in a new comic again too. Also, the voices seem very spot-on for the characters. I could definitely "hear" them in my head. The gentle ribbing two characters give the Doctor was note perfect.

About the art... it really is beautiful. Truly. Pia has done an amazing job and certainly must have done a great amount of research. I hope IDW can find an artist of her caliber for the next mini too. The details of museum are lovely and everything is brought to life with a very classy, almost muted palette. It's a nice change of pace from the vibrant splash of the first mini. It's more textured and nuanced and looks very slick.

Now any criticisms I might have are fairly small. There are times when the likenesses aren't perfect. But they are consistent, and you can always tell who everyone is. And frankly they are done with such energy and life I don't care that they aren't exactly right all the time. I'd rather have expressive, interesting, energetic art than static tracinigs of still photos you get with some other licensed comics.

Story-wise, it'll be interesting to see how the overall story resolves itself. I hope it's interesting in it's own right and not just a story telling device. I'd like it to be both. But there's nothing to suggest it ISN'T at this point. Definitely looking forward when I get the actual book. If fans were disappointed with some of the uneven moments of the first mini, I think they'll be very pleasantly surprised here.
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Doctor Who: The Forgotten
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