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 Who here wants FREE 3D printable 5" scale action figures?!?

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PostSubject: Who here wants FREE 3D printable 5" scale action figures?!?   Sat Aug 04, 2018 12:46 pm

Hi everyone.

For anyone who hasn't seen my threads on OG, my name is Troy Ryan Wood, and I've started the 3D Printing Doctor Who project, which (as the name implies) is all about creating new 3D printable Doctor Who figures compatible with the official 5" scale range, that anyone with a 3D printer, or who wants to go through a 3D printing service, can print, paint, and display alongside the rest of their figures.

With the Character Options line of toys pretty much DOA, and so many classic Doctor Who monsters left without action figures, I have set out to plug those gaps in our collections with *FREE* articulated 5" scale models that are as close to official quality as I can get, given the limitations of 3D printing and my own sculpting abilities.

This project comes with a few important caveats... Please read below:

I will ONLY make templates available as long as licensed versions of the figures do not exist. (If Character Options announces their next figure will be a Quark, that template will immediately be pulled from the line-up) I will also STOP SHARING MY TEMPLATES ENTIRELY, including all future releases, if I catch ANYONE attempting to turn a profit by printing and selling these designs on eBay, Etsy, etc. (and I *am* watching. Do not take this warning lightly.)

UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES will I custom print figures for you. DO NOT ASK.. Creating these figures is a somewhat legal grey area, and the BBC is apparently aware of my project, but since I'm not actually selling anything, just providing free plans for hobbyists to construct their own (like the people who make Dalek and TARDIS plans), they haven't tried to shut me down. I really don't want to test this though.

As long as we all agree to play nice, I plan on releasing new figures on a semi-monthly basis for at least the next five to seven years!

There are two ways that you can download the STL files needed to print the figures I've created: For finished figures that have gone all the way through the testing process and are ready to print, just click on the Google Drive links on the Templates page of my website:

For those who don't mind downloading figures that may still be in a rough untested state (which may or may not print), or who want to try their hands at customizing my figures for themselves, you can also export or edit my designs in-site through my TinkerCAD development page:

Please note that new templates often require several rounds of prototyping and tinkering until I am satisfied that optimal quality has been reached and all points of articulation work as intended, so it is better to go through first to see which designs I consider "finished" and which are still "under construction" before you print.

If you would like to print any of these figures, but do not have a 3D printer of your own, you can use the website to find locally based 3D printing companies who can print items for you. How competitive the pricing is often depends on the size and complexity of the model and how many people there are in your area, but they tend to be way more affordable than massively overpriced international print services like Shapeways. In most cases, you can get standard-sized figures printed for about $15-$30, which is pretty close to what you'd be paying retail for something the same size.

If you find a local printing service, and they have questions about printing the design, I will do my best to answer any questions I can, time permitting, though the easiest way to contact me is via the project's facebook page:

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Number of posts : 6
Registration date : 2018-07-28

PostSubject: Re: Who here wants FREE 3D printable 5" scale action figures?!?   Sat Aug 04, 2018 1:10 pm

Here's the complete list of figures I've created so far:

001 - Alpha Centauri
002 - Quark
003 - Chumbley
004 - SIDRAT
005 - Larvae Gun
006 - Dalek Time Machine
007 - Zarbi
008 - Dalek Hoverbout
009 - Servo Robot
010 - Exxilon Root
011 - Dalek Transmat * *
012 - Keller Machine *
013 - War Machine * *
014 - Rutan Scout *
015 - Hand of Omega * *
016 - 12th Doctor’s Guitar
017 - Ogri *
018 - Yeti Mk. 1
019 - Taran Wood Beast
020 - 20th Anniversary TARDIS Console *
021 - Wirrn
(coming soon)

* indicates UniBlock light-up brick compatible
* indicates LED string light (switch) compatible
* indicates Flashing LED string light (button) compatible
* indicates Go-Brix remote control compatible

And here are some photos (in various stages of completion):

Light up 20th Anniversary TARDIS console (unpainted)

Finished Dalek Time Machine

Two Taran Wood Beasts

Unpainted Alpha Centauri

Ogri (without the LED turned on)

Hand of Omega, Rutan, Ogri, and Keller Machine in the dark with their LEDs turned on

Unpainted War Machine with headlight LED and a bunch of Quarks and Servo Robots in background

The 12th Doctor's Guitar (played on top of a War Machine)

A fully painted Servo Robot

The Exxilon root vs. a Dalek

Two variants of the Yeti. Regular version on the right, and a one-off Target Book Cover version on the left.

Zarbi next to 1st Doctor (for scale)

Several figures, including my original version of Alpha Centauri (I've since upgraded just about everything)
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Who here wants FREE 3D printable 5" scale action figures?!?
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