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 Doctor Whoesque Movies

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PostSubject: Doctor Whoesque Movies   Thu Jun 25, 2015 4:35 am

So I just finished watching The World's End with Simon Pegg and David Bradley,and it just gave off this whole Who vibe(there was even an actress that looked remarkably like a young Liz Sladen).

So since a proper Who movie seems far off for now and the series is a bit of a bore story wise,I was thinking of making a list of movies that have the Doctor Who flair to them.

Here's 10 that I think most Who fans would enjoy.

1.Quatermass and the Pit from 1967 is the best British Sci Fi movie of our time and has been burned into my brain since I was 8 back in 1982.The Julian Glover role even reminds you of the Brigadier.

2.Lifeforce from 1985 is another British gem that gave me chills back in the day.With the Space Vampire theme it made a connection to State of Decay(one of my faves)
And that girl that walks around naked thru half the movie is pure perfection.

3.The Black Hole from Disney 1979 was a great Sci Fi romp with a Who type adventure feel.Picture Maximillian Schell as the Master and it works.

4.Sleepy Hollow with Johnny Depp had its moments of horror Who to it.Plus I think Depp would make a great Doctor for the big screen.

5.The Ghosts of Mars 2001 by John Carpenter isn't perfect but I could easily picture Capaldi running around instead of Ice Cube trying to save the day.

6.Halloween III the one without Michael Myers was the perfect Who story with Druids,Stonehenge,Androids,and a diabolical plot that was ripe for the Doctor to solve.

7.The Devil's Bride(The Devil Ride's Out UK)1968 was a great Hammer film with Christopher Lee as a mix of both Doctor Strange and Who.Very eery.

8.Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom was not the best Indy movie but replace him with Jon Pertwee and wallah!

9.Fright Night(Original not the David Tennant remake)Peter Vincent vampire slayer played by a very Doctorish Roddy McDowell is still good fun.

10.Quatermass II 1957 from Hammer was basically the blueprint for what Doctor Who was to become and it was a great model.

I'm sure there are more but those are the main ones I can come up with.
You guys got any suggestions?
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Doctor Whoesque Movies
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