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 A Few Pictures From My Growing Collection

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PostSubject: A Few Pictures From My Growing Collection   Tue Dec 09, 2014 6:15 pm

I haven't been collecting as long as many of you; my collection is a work-in-progress.  It began with a few of the blind-bagged micro-figures, and then the Eleven Doctors box sets in both the micro-figures and five-inch ranges.  Eventually I started collecting the Titans, and while I didn't plan to get any five-inch figures beyond the box set, I decided that I preferred the Season 12 version of the Fourth Doctor and the Season 24 version of the Seventh Doctor to the ones included in the box set, so I had to get more.  Eventually I'd like to have two or three versions of each incarnation in five-inch scale.  As I've got limited display space, I keep my thirteen Doctors (in five-inch, Titan, and micro-figure iterations) atop a long horizontal shelf.

Here are Doctors One through Three.

Four through Six.

Hidden behind Titan Five is K-9 (from the recent book-and-figure set).

Seven through War.

Nine through Twelve. When a proper Twelfth Doctor is released I'll probably reconfigure the Time of the Doctor figure with Eleven's head and display it that way.

I don't yet have a to-scale TARDIS; this is the TARDIS ice bucket.

I've also got a shelf dedicated to the micro-figures.  Initially I displayed the Eleventh Doctor and his companions beside the Character Building TARDIS, facing off against villains and such.  The eleven Doctors stand on a two-tiered riser of my own making.

Angle on the villains.  The Pandorica is a papercraft I found online, printed, and assembled, and the Astronaut is from a non-Doctor Who Character Building blind bag.


When the most recent wave of micro-figures came out I decided to change it up.  Gone are Eleven, Amy, Rory and River; in their place are Twelve, Clara, Strax, and Vastra.  The eleven Doctors on the riser are now thirteen.  And the villains have been updated too:  The five Paradigm Daleks are gone, replaced with a single bronze model.  The Cyberman and Cyberleader that used to be on display have been replaced by a Series 7 and 8 Cyberman.  There's a Zygon too.

Angle on the new Rogue's Gallery.

Vastra seems mesmerized by her crossed swords.

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PostSubject: Re: A Few Pictures From My Growing Collection   Tue Dec 09, 2014 6:46 pm

VERY cool! Love seeing the 3 types together like that!
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PostSubject: Re: A Few Pictures From My Growing Collection   Tue Dec 09, 2014 9:21 pm

very nice set up
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A Few Pictures From My Growing Collection
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